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  • 3 Reasons why we've seen people outlive their money 
  • Why I hate bonds for retirees
  • 3 Critical factors that determine your retirement income success
  • Discover the most relevant risks that can derail your lifestyle
  • Key developments in longevity, healthcare and the need to remain relevant
  • A proven system to working towards sustainable financial independence

About Presenter Bob Reby, CFP®

Leading the Educational Effort Towards Sustainable Financial Independence for 34+ Years

Author of Wealth Redefined and Retire Without Worry, Bob Reby, CFP®, has dedicated over three decades to leading the global educational effort to sustainable financial independence. He has motivated and inspired thousands of individuals and families to truly understand what it will take to achieve and sustain their lifestyle goals.

He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, FOX-TV, Business Week, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily,, and others; was on-air financial specialist for Good Morning, Connecticut; hosted Money Sense, a weekly radio show; and penned a newspaper column of the same name for the News Times.  

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"The critical decisions you make as you approach retirement and soon thereafter are often irrevocable. Join me for 40 minutes and I'll share what it takes to achieve a happy, fulfilling and financially secure retirement." — Bob Reby, CFP®